Blubrry Podcasting Releases Brand New User Interface

The Blubrry Podcasting publishing interface is now easier than overly to navigate with the release of a new user dashboard and enhanced management tools for podcasters. Blubrry’s Podcast Dashboard has undergone a well-constructed transformation for easier content megacosm and episode promotion.

Podcasters are now worldly-wise to create and manage their episodes and website directly from the dashboard. With wangle to their latest episodes and statistics, users can pension track of trends while managing their shows. Marketing tools to grow and promote shows from Headliner and Audioburst, which are integrated into episode sharing options, are increasingly wieldy than overly before.

New users or those subtracting a new show to their worth will be led through a simplified and easy-to-use onboarding wits that focuses on getting them to the finish line: creating their first episode.

“We’ve created a new user wits that will indulge new and existing Blubrry customers to hands navigate our platform,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO. “Focus is directed toward seamless management and publishing, followed by show promotion for regulars growth. We squint forward to seeing an overall improved wits for all of our podcasters.”

Billing and managing worth information are moreover increasingly straightforward, ensuring customers can effortlessly update their plan; an essential full-length for those with unexpected episodes or circumstances.

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