Live Kanvas Studios Provides One-Stop-Shop for Podcasting

Live Kanvas Studios is pleased to serve podcasters in the greater Atlanta zone in search of professional-grade podcasting facilities and services. A one-stop shop for podcasting, the impressive suites and experienced staff work to help make podcasts squint and sound optimal. Whether leaching a trademark new podcast series or looking to modernize upon an once established one, Live Kanvas Studios features a variety of services and facilities designed specifically for podcasts and podcasters.

Live Kanvas Studios offers two separate podcasting rooms that vary in features and size. Both rooms are sound treated and full-length headphones, mics, palmtop connections, and screens for branding purposes. Each studio comes with a technical director to squire with the setting up, recording and running of the show, and clients leave with the finished recording on the same day. For people seeking a bit increasingly guidance and involvement in their podcast, Live Kanvas Studios moreover offer full-service production support for the show.

Podcasting has exploded in popularity over the last few decades, with many taking to the format for its reachable do-it-yourself nature. The accessibility, of inexpensive microphones and recording equipment make vital ventriloquist podcasting relatively simple, but increasing the production quality takes a specialized expertise that the staff at Live Kanvas are eager to provide their clientele with.

We are secure to bringing our clients’ vision to life,” said the company. “Our one-stop-shop facility has been thoughtfully designed with producers and filmmakers in mind. With all of your production needs under one roof, Live Kanvas Studio saves you money and time.

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