PowerZ raises $8.3 million for its video game focused on education

French startup PowerZ has raised flipside $8.3 million (€7 million at today’s mart rate) including $1.2 million (€1 million) in debt — the rest is a traditional probity round. The visitor is both an edtech startup and a video game studio with an would-be goal — it wants to build a game that is as engaging as Minecraft or Fortnite, but with a focus on education.

In February, PowerZ launched the first version of its game on computers. It doesn’t have a lot of content, but the visitor wanted to start iterating as quickly as possible. Aimed at kids who are 6 years old and over, PowerZ teleports the player into a fantasy world with cute dragons and magic spells.

“The idea is really to build a sort of Harry Potter,” co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Freund told me. “You have this world that is super nice and very interesting. Like with Hogwarts, you want to come when regularly. And the story will progress over a very long time.”

15,000 children tried out the first chapter. On average, they spent 4 hours in the game. I asked whether Freund was satisfied with those metrics. He told me he thought his company’s vision was “completely validated.”

Bpifrance Digital Venture, RAISE Ventures and Bayard are investing in today’s round. Existing investors Educapital, Hachette Livres, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet and Michaël Benabou are moreover investing once again.

Image Credits: PowerZ

Now, it’s time to add content, expand to other platforms and launch new languages. When it comes to content, the visitor wants to partner with other game studios. They’re going to create new islands and diamond games that make you learn new stuff. Zero Games, Opal Games and ArkRep are the first third-party studios to contribute to PowerZ.

When those new chapters are available, kids will be worldly-wise to practice mental calculation, geometry, vocabulary, foreign languages, sign language, but moreover astronomy, photography, architecture, sculpture, cooking, wildlife, yoga, etc.

“Basically we want to position ourselves as a publisher,” Freund said. “The only thing we want to pension in-house is the main storyline.”

As for new platforms, PowerZ is launching its game on the iPad this week. The visitor realized that launching on computers was a mistake. Adults are once using computers or don’t want to leave your kid on the computer. That’s why PowerZ is starting with the iPad and the iPhone will follow suite. In 2022, the visitor expects to release its game on the Nintendo Switch and potentially other game consoles.

While the game is only misogynist in French for now, the startup is moreover thinking well-nigh launching an English version soon.

“The game is completely self-ruling right now. We have an idea to monetize it. We’ll reprinting every other games with in-app purchases for visual items,” Freund said.

When you squint remoter lanugo the roadmap, PowerZ has some radically would-be goals. Freund believes that educational games will wilt mainstream really quickly. Many companies don’t want to develop this kind of stuff considering screens are bad for kids.

“If we just say that screens are bad, we’ll end up with an Amazon product to learn math. I finger a sense of urgency to develop an educational platform for screens that can scale,” Freund told me.

PowerZ wants to reach hundreds of thousands of children as quickly as possible. And just like Fortnite or Minecraft, the visitor believes its game can act as a platform for other stuff that can evolve over time.

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