Sony Music Entertainment Announced Ad-Free Offerings on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Sony Music Entertainment (SME) announced its initial ad-free podcast waterworks offerings misogynist with the launch of World Podcast Subscriptions whence today. With shows from its podcast partners all virtually the world and wideness all genres, the first SME subscription channels will offer listeners a range of ad-free listening experiences and sectional bonus content.

Ad-free channels will include shows from SME production partners Neon Hum Media, Somthin’ Else, Three Uncanny Four and Campside Media. Spare pricing and self-ruling trial information is misogynist for each waterworks at their respective links below.

Listeners can subscribe to all channels on World Podcasts. For increasingly information on all Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

Broken: Uninterrupted: Investigative Reporter Julie K. Brown exposed Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes to the world. Now his survivors are fighting for the truth. This season, host Tara Palmeri follows the women who are making their own justice.

Production Partner: Three Uncanny Four and Hyperobject Industries

Chameleon: Uninterrupted: Deceit, scandal, lies – it’s Las Vegas. It’s the FBI sting you have to hear to believe. Chameleon is when for a second season and this time there’s plane increasingly scandal and deceit. From Campfire Media comes the story of a two-year FBI undercover investigation the went bust.

Production Partner: Campfire Media

Cheat! PLUS: Hosted by storyteller Azlo Slade, Cheat! tells the stories overdue some of the biggest scandals in trendy history and the flawed protagonists at their heart: controversial and contentious figures from the world of pop culture, business, sport, music, politics. Why do people cheat? Is it overly justifiable? And most importantly are cheats – these people we think of as the dregs of society – unquestionably not so variegated from ourselves?

Production Partner: Something’ Else

David Tennant Does a Podcast With… EXTRA: David Tennant, start of Doctor Who, Good Omens and Broadchurch, gets talking with the biggest names from TV, movies, comedy, and elsewhere. Featuring superstar names like Olivia Coleman, James Cordon and Whoopi Goldberg.

Production Partner: Something’ Else

Death at the Wing Plus: Hosted by Adam McCay, Death at the Wing examines the shocking number of promising basketball stars who lost their lives in the 80s and early 90s. At the dawn of the 1980s, the world was moving faster, the media was growing bigger, and greed was finally good. For the NBA, it was a endangerment to finally step into the spotlight. But all that wealth and stardom came at a deep cost.

Production Partner: Three Uncanny Four and Hyperobject Industries

More information well-nigh spare SME Ad-Free Podcasts HERE.

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