Media Monitors Launches Podcast Monitoring Service

As podcasts have wilt an established audio medium set to pass the $1Billion mark in the US this year, Media Monitors is excited to signify the release of its new Podcast Monitoring Service. It analyzes all episodes of thousands of the most popular national podcasts downloaded wideness multiple markets. The new service providers users the worthiness to identify advertisers sectional to podcast, or, for the first time, wideness multiple media in a single report.

Filters indulge comparison wideness a range of datapoints for each genre, including ad placement within each episode, dynamically inserted or host read ads, whether baked-in or prerecorded.

Media Monitors customers can moreover leverage a Zero-Share Report to identify brands that exclusively ventilate on unrepealable networks, podcasts, or have not yet made the jump to podcasts from Radio, TV or other media. In wing to the thousands of monitored English language podcasts, Media Monitors widow the top Spanish language podcasts as well.

Media Monitors’ monitoring service currently includes national and local Radio, Television, Cable, Newspaper and Digital walkout advertising. Podcasts now add visibility that Media Monitors subscribers need on a growing segment of US advertising.

President and CEO of Media Monitors, Philippe Generali commented on the addition, “Podcasts listeners are some of the most engaged consumers of audio entertainment and news. Advertisers know that, and the money increasingly poured into Podcasting is the weightier proof. After months of research using strained intelligence and data science, it is time for Media Monitors to shed a suppositious light on who the Podcasting advertisers are.”

Earlier in 2020, Media Monitors began issuing a Quarterly Podcast Listener Survey, ranking the Top Podcasts, Publishers, and Categories. To view prior surveys conducted, visit the Media Monitors blog.

The new Podcast Monitoring Service is misogynist now to all subscribers.

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