International Podcast Day Made a Big Change

In specimen you missed it, International Podcast Day tweeted: “An utterance from #InternationalPodcastDay team. We are making some big changes this year and wanted our wondrous polity to know sooner than later. Have a squint [arrow pointing lanugo emoji] #podcast #podcasting”. The tweet was posted on July 19, 2021.

The tweet included a screenshot of text which said:

“Since 2014, the International Podcast Day team has focused on showcasing self-sustaining podcasting talent from virtually the world and raising the sensation of a growing industry. Over the last seven years, with the help of our secure polity and sponsors, we have live streamed over 200 hours from nearly 100 nations featuring 350 podcasters. From day one, we were secure to creating a lively triumph that the podcasting industry could rally around. Without question, our polity has organically grown International Podcast Day into something much worthier than we could have imagined. Every year there are myriad meetups, special releases, and live concerts virtually the world to ring in the day of celebration. The community’s creativity has been nothing less than spectacular and inspiring.

“Moving forward, the International Podcast Day team will no longer be creating a live streaming event. We have decided to step to the side and enjoy the day of triumph just like everyone else. But do not worry, the team is not going away. We will be triumphal the polity as we have every year and will still be managing our social media channels. Thanks to each and every individual, podcast listener, podcaster, and audio enthusiast that helped make the last seven years possible. Please protract to find unique and creative ways to gloat the day. As we get when to our roots of triumph and sharing, we are looking forward to this upcoming International Podcast Day, September 30 – and international triumph of the power of podcasts.”

The message was sent by Steve & Dave Lee, Founders of International Podcast Day. Their website is

It can be sad when a minion event changes, or ends. International Podcast Day gave podcasts quite a bit of time to process the changes. There will be no official International Podcast Day stream in 2021. That doesn’t midpoint an individual podcaster, or a podcast team, couldn’t decide to get on Twitch or YouTube and stream something themselves to gloat the day.

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