What Is Dark Motivation and How Can I Use It to My Advantage?

It’s Thursday, 8 PM. I’m relaxing at home, doing normal things, and scrolling social media. Tomorrow is a big day. There are lots of things to do with moving pieces of furniture considering I’m moving to flipside city. On top of that, a repairman is coming to my house at 8AM, so I’ll have to get up early.

I plan to relax, buy some chips, and watch Netflix. Without all, there’s lots to be washed-up tomorrow. When scrolling social media, I notice a post from a girl I used to stage when in time. The post contained her having a unconfined time with a boy, who seemed to be her new boyfriend.

Suddenly, I didn’t finger like ownership snacks and watching Netflix. I felt an heady feeling of both motivation and melancholy. This caused me to set an watchtower at 5:40 on the next morning, and storm through variegated tasks. This miracle is something I undeniability “dark motivation”. Today, I’d like to explain what it is, and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is visionless motivation?

Dark motivation is a form of motivation that is based on a unrepealable urge to well-constructed tasks and modernize yourself in any way possible. It’s caused by variegated feelings that are negative, but very powerful. It’s natural for a human stuff to finger jealousy, insecurity, and the urge to compare. Although it’s good to let go of those feelings, they can sometimes be a unconfined resource.

When I saw that post, I felt like I wanted to make progress. My subconscious wanted me to finger good considering seeing that girl with flipside boy caused some negative emotions. And one of the weightier ways for me to finger good is to modernize myself somehow. 

Dark motivation is a very powerful way to motivate you to step out of your repletion zone and push yourself towards your goals. The pain of sitting at home and doing nothing urged me to exit that situation by taking action. Plane when I ended up getting too little sleep.

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

Examples of visionless motivation

Dark motivation can be caused by pretty much any negative emotion. These emotions include jealousy, insecurity, anxiety, discomfort, and anything like that.

When you see someone you dislike stuff in incredible shape, you’ll probably finger motivated to work out. When you get fired from a job, you’ll finger motivated to seek a high-paying job and whop in your career. Or you may be motivated to modernize your social skills without a break-up.

Dark motivation relies entirely on negative emotions. Some people could plane say they’re immature and childish. However, they’re natural for us and you can definitely use them to your advantage.

See, when you modernize your career without getting fired, some part of your mind wants to get revenge on your superabound and make them regret their decision. When you stage people without a break-up, some part of your mind wants to make your ex jealous and prove that you’re largest without them.

These forms of motivation are usually increasingly powerful than motivation in normal situations. An urge to move yonder from pain is way stronger than a desire to move towards pleasure.

How to use visionless motivation to your advantage

Spicing up your motivation with these feelings is like subtracting a strong supplement to your workout routine. It will be very effective, but it can be harmful if you use it too much. See, if you constantly compare yourself and let jealousy and insecurity take over, you’ll probably squatter problems with your mental health.

My translating is this. Remember that you don’t need to compare yourself to other people, and achievements don’t make anyone a largest human being. True conviction comes from inside, and you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

However, visionless motivation is very salubrious if you use it every now and then. When you know there’s something you should do but you don’t finger like doing it, try to add some visionless motivation and see how you feel.

Next time you know you should work out or well-constructed a task, dig deep into your mind. See if there’s a unrepealable feeling of insecurity or jealousness that can motivate you. And once you’ve completed the task, let it go. It may finger uncomfortable for a while, but nothing unconfined in life comes without effort.

We all have some insecurities and underlying emotions that can be used as visionless motivation, so why not use them to your advantage? Learn to tenancy them in a way that they don’t scarecrow you in your everyday life, but you can expose them when you need to. This is the weightier way to use visionless motivation to your advantage.

This was my guide well-nigh visionless motivation. It’s possible that you know this miracle by a variegated name, but the principles are the same. With a little bit of practice, you can waterworks your negative emotions into bursts of motivation and sooner be grateful for having them!

Use visionless motivation with circumspection though. I guess you want to be a happy person in general. Apply it in a way that doesn’t harm the overall quality of your life, but is just unbearable to pension you improving yourself constantly!

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