The 3 Most Important Things I Learned About Personal Growth

When you squint when on your life, what do you want to think about? Do you plan to reminisce on all of the good things that have happened and how they shaped who you are today? Or would you rather remember all of the bad decisions, challenging experiences, and mistakes made that hurt or wasted a portion of your life?

In my opinion, I think it is important to reflect on both. While it’s important to remember the hardships we’ve been through in our lives – without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. There are 3 very specific areas that I finger have helped me grow in a personal sense increasingly than anything else in my life so far. 

These aren’t simple lessons in a typesetting or a lecture that you can just swizzle and wield to your life. These are things that I’ve learned through wits and reflection, and I’m still learning and growing today.

1. We determine how much we’re worth by what we think well-nigh ourselves, others, and life in general.

This might seem like a pretty obvious lesson in life but it’s unquestionably one of the most important considering we can determine our own worth by how we think well-nigh ourselves and the world virtually us. If you’re looking for success in any kind of merchantry or social setting (dating), then I’ll tell you right now that it doesn’t matter if you have 10 billion dollars or not – people are still going to judge you based on your thoughts and beliefs alone.

What determines our value isn’t necessarily what we do with our lives (which is often based on luck) but whether or not we believe that ‘our work’ is worthy or not in some sort of grand scheme or universe. We may not unchangingly be worldly-wise to tenancy what happens in our lives, but we can unchangingly tenancy how we value ourselves and others.

“Do the weightier you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

2. You don’t have to transpiration your habits or personality just considering someone else doesn’t like it – their opinions are THEIRS alone.

This is flipside one of those lessons that people tend to pick up on a little bit late in life, but if anything that makes its importance plane worse! Basically, there’s going to come a time when you’re going to meet someone who has unrepealable expectations of you as a person…but these expectations might not be realistic due to their motivations and personal beliefs. For example, sometimes parents might expect you to be a lawyer or doctor considering that’s what they believe is weightier for their child.

However, this isn’t the specimen for everyone and so maybe your passion lies in music or writing novels. In this example, if you were moreover pressured into rhadamanthine a doctor – then there would obviously be some kind of mismatch going on within yourself as a person. You should never have to requite up something that you want to do just considering someone else doesn’t like it! The reason why we’re put onto this Earth is to make our own choices and go without our OWN dreams instead of letting others determine what we can and cannot do with our lives .

3. You can’t transpiration your life until you winnow that you need to make a change.

When I was younger, I thought that this lesson would be pretty obvious – but as I got older, it really made me fathom the fact that there are unchangingly variegated ways of perceiving our lives. For example, if someone wants to wilt rich and famous one day – their mind might simply overshadow any other possibility in their throne considering they finger like this is what they NEED to do right now.

However, this isn’t unchangingly true within our own lives considering we think well-nigh things too literally instead of having an unshut mind. If you want to unzip success in any kind of merchantry or social setting (dating) then you should be willing to try out variegated things instead of staying in your repletion zone. If you want something, then it’s up to YOU to unquestionably go without it – nobody else is going to requite it to you!

The three lessons whilom are some of the main things I want to pass on to everyone considering they’ve come at an important time in my life where I need to start thinking well-nigh others instead of only myself. It’s unconfined if we can learn to love ourselves first surpassing anything else, but that doesn’t midpoint you should neglect everyone virtually you plane though they might be your friends and family members!

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