Whooshkaa Becomes First to Recertify for New IAB Tech Lab Guidelines

Whooshkaa became the first podcast platform to recertify for full compliance with the latest IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, known as version 2.1.

The IAB Tech Lab standards aim to bring consistency and reliability to measurement in the booming podcast medium.

To unzip certification, Whooshkaa submitted to an self-sustaining technical inspect by the IAB Tech Lab. The inspect verified that Whooshkaa meets the latest IAB Tech Lab standards for the measurement and reporting of downloads, listeners and razzmatazz impressions.

Whooshkaa’s CEO Robert Lowenthal explained the importance of the IAB Tech Lab standard:

“The IAB Tech Lab Guidelines represent a critically important set of standards for the industry virtually personnel concepts such as ‘downloads’, ‘listeners’ and ‘ad impressions’, and how they are measured and communicated to stakeholders.”

“The IAB standards are ripened and maintained by a respected, self-sustaining soul in cooperation with industry representatives and enjoy industry-wide adoption,” widow Robert.

“Whooshkaa is proud to lead the way as the first platform in the world to update certification to meet the new version 2.1 guidelines.”

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