Stitcher Signs Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings

Stitcher, the Triton-ranked #1 podcast visitor and SiriusXM subsidiary, announced the signing of Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse for the relaunch of their minion Black culture show For Black Nerds which is expected to premier later this year.

Stitcher will produce the series with Luse and Eddings; SXM Media will be the sectional razzmatazz and sales representative for the podcast.

Each week on For Colored Nerds, Luse and Eddings will use smart conversation, idealism guests, and tabulated media to take a deep-dive into an speciality of Black culture that’s ripe for dissection. The show could be contextualizing the journalistic legacy of Wendy Williams one week, and doing hair-trigger and sociological wringer of MTV’s The Challenge with one of its tint members the next.

For Colored Nerds started in my living room in 2014 with a Google Doc and a borrowed mic,” said Eddings. “It was meant to help Brittany and I wilt closer friends and yacky our view of the culture and history we love. We couldn’t have imagined that project would spawn The Nod and The Nod with Brittany and Eric on Quibi. As we make our return to podcasting, words can’t express how happy I am that we are bringing when For Colored Nerds and that we get to make it on our terms with incredible support from Stitcher.”

“I’m so thrilled to partner with Stitcher as Eric and I return to the project that first sparked our love of audio,” said Luse. “Launching For Colored Nerds seven years ago quite literally reverted our lives. Making the show deepened our friendship, but it moreover unfluctuating us to a minion constellation of listeners virtually the world, as well as a podcasting polity that has given us so much over the years. I couldn’t be increasingly excited to come when to audio with the encouragement of our team at Stitcher, who respect our vision and independence so fiercely.”

“Brittany and Eric are such a joy to listen to and to work with, and I could not be happier to be supporting them again,” said Peter Clowney, Vice President of Content at Stitcher. “We’re single-minded to making SiriusXM the weightier place in podcasting for creators, and deals like this are how we get there.”

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