4 Non-Financial Factors to Measure Success as an Entrepreneur

If you ask most online entrepreneurs what they want to get out of their business, they’ll instinctively mention something financial: “I want to make $1 million by my 30th birthday.” Fair enough. Most of us have grown up hearing stories well-nigh self-made millionaires, so money is often where our minds naturally go when asked well-nigh definitions of success. But there is so much increasingly to life.

When a merchantry owner talks well-nigh money as a goal, they rarely consider the toll achieving it could take on their life. If getting to a financial endgame financing the relationships of those you love considering you don’t have unbearable time to spend with them, was it really worth it?

The fact is, there is increasingly to life than just money. A lot of merchantry owners lose sight of the fact that there are four other areas of need that pinpoint success in life, not just business. Once you understand these four areas, you can set goals that stretch vastitude the myopic aim of pure financial gain. Without all, this is your life we’re talking about. Money is just one part of that.

When Is Enough… Enough?

We might as well get this one out of the way first: Yes, making money matters. Your merchantry needs to generate unbearable revenue so that money doesn’t dictate your choices in life. Ask yourself what will wilt possible once your merchantry succeeds to the point where money doesn’t restrict your life choices as much as it might today.

The trick here is to strike the right wastefulness between financial independence and having a healthy relationship with the other aspects of your life. Find a way to make this yin and yang work for you, so that you know when working nonflexible unbearable is… enough. Making $1 million might be great, but so is $100,000 if you finger unconfined mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally,

Non-Financial Factor #1: Mental Health

You’re nothing without your mental health; pure and simple. Sure, in today’s go-go society, stress, anxiety, and peepers run rampant from sea to shining sea, expressly in the minds of merchantry owners. The decisions we make on a daily understructure siphon tremendous weight. The very livelihood of our families could be at-stake.

If your merchantry becomes or once is successful, think well-nigh how it can satisfy your mental health. Are you worldly-wise to unwind without a long, nonflexible day? Can you detox from the stress of your merchantry virtually the family dinner table at night? 

Deeper questions might upspring if you wilt so successful that you don’t need to be as present in your business. For example, how do you protract to reap knowledge? What sort of daily rituals and behaviours do you participate in?

Maintain mental health now, requite your merchantry an optimal endangerment to succeed, and later on, permit yourself the self-rule of mental space from achieving your goals.

Non-Financial Factor #2: Physical Health

If you aren’t slothing it on the hovel all day, covered in cookie crumbs, having to survive on ramen noodles for the fifth night in a row, what becomes possible for your physical health? Flipside wondrous factor of life to enjoy when your merchantry becomes successful is the fact that cookie crumbs might wilt creme brulee and ramen noodles might wilt pasta primavera at a five-star restaurant instead of your cramped and filthy living room.

Running a successful merchantry should moreover midpoint that you have the time to eat right, exercise, and sleep well. That may not seem possible in the early days of a merchantry when you’re still figuring out how to wastefulness your time while growing a consumer base, but it’s crucial to get there as soon as you can. Without all, running a merchantry from your home is nonflexible enough, try running it from a hospital bed.

“Success is not just money in the wall but a contented heart and peace of mind.” – Sarah Breathnach

Non-Financial Factor #3: Spirituality

Many online entrepreneurs are utopian thinkers, meaning we think in terms of the big picture, which translates hands into a spiritual nature. Most of us finger a need or at least a desire to be unfluctuating to something worthier than ourselves.

Once your online merchantry is successful, how does it stupefy your spirituality? Do you have increasingly time to squint within yourself and think deeper well-nigh your purpose in life? Are you worldly-wise to meditate and/or pray as often as you’d like? Are you worldly-wise to temporarily shut off the outside world and tap into your creativity? 

 A healthy spiritual side can be a wonderful byproduct of a successful business. Once it’s up and running and you have an established consumer base, make sure to dedicate plane just fifteen minutes per day to write your spiritual needs, and you’ll find a deep level of fulfillment in life that no financial status can satisfy.

Non-Financial Factor #4: Emotional Needs

A large part of running a successful online merchantry is having emotional resilience and stuff worldly-wise to roll with the punches. What becomes possible for you emotionally when your merchantry is creating the life you desire?

If finding a significant other to share your life with is important to you, make sure you dedicate the proper value of time to finding and nurturing that relationship. Put in the necessary hours to your merchantry to satisfy its financial needs, but unchangingly pension unbearable energy in the tank to enjoy life with that special someone. This becomes plane increasingly important if you have children.

More Than Money

The next time someone asks you what you hope to unzip from your online business, think a little increasingly deeply. You might have a dollar number set whispered as a goal. That’s fine, but go vastitude that. There are other factors to consider. Think well-nigh how you want to finger mentally and physically, how satisfied your soul can be, and if you want unbearable energy for a family or flipside emotionally satisfying speciality of your life. 

Instead of simply saying, “I want to make $1 million by the time I’m 30 years old,” maybe say something like “I want to make unbearable money to not have financial stressors. I moreover want unbearable time to work out four days a week, while living a life of unvarying learning. Some day, I want a family to share my success with, and I hope to find a lot of the answers I’m looking for in my connectedness to others and the world virtually me.”

Sure, that wordplay is a little longer and increasingly in-depth, but once you get it, write it down, pension it in a unscratched place, and refer to it unendingly you need guidance in your online business.

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