5 Content Marketing Ideas You Can Learn From Simone Biles

John Maxwell once said that “we live in a culture that rewards image- often over integrity. We promote people who towards to have their act together, and encourage others to do the same”. With this in mind, it makes sense that leaders might err on the side of circumspection when it comes to content marketing and PR by only sharing their achievements or highlight reel. However, one of the biggest lessons that we can glean from Simone Biles’ deportment at the Olympics is that leadership does not require us to unravel ourselves in the name of perfection. Not only is it okay to be human, it’s okay not to be okay and show it!

This is important from a PR perspective, especially, because- undisciplined to the cultural beliefs alluded to by Maxwell, research shows that when leaders at the top of their game (like Biles) are transparent and vulnerable by “revealing that [they] aren’t perfect, it makes [them] increasingly relatable” and therefore increasingly likeable. This is known as the pratfall effect and is expressly important in merchantry because, as the old truism says, people will only do merchantry with people that they know, like and trust.

Since PR (or Public Relations) is, by definition, whoopee that leaders can take to promote “goodwill between [themselves] and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc,” the pratfall effect is unmistakably something that you will want to harness. So how can you do this?

1. Sharing a slip-up reel

The stasis of a highlight reel is a slip-up reel. Within the entertainment industry, this usually takes the form of a series of out-takes which showcase the mistakes or mishaps that may have occurred while actors were filming a particular show or movie. You can incorporate this into your content marketing strategy by sharing overdue the scenes footage of out-takes or mishaps that happened while shooting video or audio content, for example, on social media. You can moreover do this by describing a slip-up within the captions of your social media posts and/or extending this idea to requite increasingly value to your target regulars through blog posts, emails or writing wares for flipside platform. 

2. Sharing your mistakes

They say “experience is the greatest teacher;” so flipside way to requite your regulars your slip-up reel is to share some of the mistakes that you made in your journey to rhadamanthine the leader that you are today and how you overcame them. Not only does this indulge you to use the pratfall effect to your advantage, it shows those coming up overdue you what NOT to do- saving them time and heartache in the process. Not only is this a unconfined way to promote the effectiveness of your strategy, service or product, it’s moreover a unconfined way to show your regulars that you understand their pain points considering you were once them. This will moreover serve as inspirational and motivational content for them.

“Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.” – Seth Godin

3. Sharing your limiting beliefs (past and present)

You can pull the curtain when plane remoter on your mistakes by revealing the limiting beliefs or myths that you bought into leading up to them. You can then share what you did to move passed them. If these are things that you still struggle with, you can share content marketing posts about:

  • What you are currently doing
  • Progress reports
  • The lessons that you have learned in your journey to overcoming them so far

You could moreover incorporate or repurpose your slip-up reel content by turning them into a montage to show how overcoming your limiting beliefs led to your progressive improvement.

4. Sharing your struggles

Sometimes struggles are not internal, like limiting weighing systems, they are external, like circumstances. Do you have circumstances outside of your tenancy that you refused to let stop you in the past or are currently refusing to? Whether it’s single parenthood, a disability, racism, sexism, mental health issues or anything in between, share it! As they say, “representation matters”. Not only will such posts make you increasingly relatable- they will help others see that if you can unzip despite them, they can do it too.

5. Sharing your disappointments

Speaking of external circumstances, sometimes your worthiness to fulfil your mission as leader is not just dependent on you- it’s dependent on others. Sometimes this ways that things don’t unchangingly go the way that we want them to go. For example, experiencing setbacks in the form of no’s, delays or mishaps. These aspects of everyday life are moreover worth commenting on because- like sharing your struggles- it will not only humanise you but requite your regulars an insight into how you handle these situations and rise whilom them and, by default, how they can do it too.

It takes valiance to take off your superhero windbreaker and lay it whispered publicly as a leader- expressly with the unvarying pressure to be perfect. Plane so, it’s important to remember that your slip-up reel is just as valid as your highlight reel when it comes to towers know, like and trust with your target regulars through content marketing and PR. It is my hope that this vendible will help you to implement this within your current strategy.

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