Acast Signs Partnership with Assenmedia

Asennemedia, one of Finland’s most prominent influencer marketing agencies, has partnered with global podcast powerhouse Acast to expand its podcast offering in the region. Asennemedia hosts nearly 50 shows and represents some of the most valuable influencers and podcasters in the market, such as Jäljillä-rikospodcast, Mimmit sijoittaa, Kroonisesti ärhäkkä and Afterwork.

With increasingly than 28,000 podcasts in its portfolio, Acast enables creators to host, distribute, and monetize shows at scale. Assennemedia is the first partner to get wangle to the world’s biggest podcast marketplace in Finland – giving precursor both uncontrived and streamlined wangle to the most talented creators and the most engaged listeners. The partnership will enable Asennemedia to monetize its own content – wideness any and every podcast platform out there.

Fredrik Hermansson, Nordics Managing Director at Acast, said: “We’ve seen unconfined potential in Finland in recent years, with listenership of Acast-hosted podcasts increasing to nearly two million a month. Our partnership with Asennemedia is a unconfined step for Acast and we squint forward to supporting Asennemedia in progressive its podcast business, and making its podcast offering as lulu as possible using our services and Acast’s dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology – today widely unexplored as the norm throughout the industry.

“With DAI, advertisers are worldly-wise to reach a specific regulars at a specific moment, with ads that are unchangingly up to date. Equally, creators can make money from their podcasting content, no matter where listening takes place.”

Introducing the Acast Marketplace in Finland will requite advertisers and creators increasingly flexibility and creativity than overly before. Advertisers will moreover be worldly-wise to target campaigns to Finnish listeners all over the world, reaching an regulars of 28,000 podcasts globally via shows such as Global News Podcast from the BBC and many more.

Noora Kunttu, Development Director at Asennemedia, said: “Working with Acast will indulge us to bring a new level of growth to our influencer marketing and podcast business. The influencer marketing merchantry in Finland was worth 28 million euros last year, and we’re looking forward to progressive that by partnering with such an established and important player.

“For Asennemedia, this partnership allows us to grow plane more, and moreover gives us increasingly ways to serve our clients. Podcast razzmatazz is a soft-hued act of creativity fueled by insights. We get to offer our clients something completely new in terms of creative, slantingly the advantages of Acast’s dynamic ad insertion technology, and for our creators it ways increasingly ways to monetise the fantastic content they’re creating. We’re looking forward to stuff the most valued, most lucrative podcast and influencer marketing organ for both creators and clients.”

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