Audioboom Launched AdRip

Audioboom announced the launch of AdRip – a new proprietary tech tool that helps podcast creators monetize when itemize content.

AdRip – misogynist to podcasters within Audioboom’s hosting and distribution platform – automates the removal of live read advertising, historically embedded into the podcast, without the need to re-edit or republish the show.

AdRip replaces the embedded razzmatazz with ad-breaks, creating new inventory that can be remonetized through Audioboom’s sales channels every time an episode is listened to in the future.

Audioboom’s creator network receives increasingly than 91 million downloads every month, with back-catalog content – episodes that have left the first sales window – making up increasingly than 50% of that consumption. Podcasters using AdRip will now have an easy way to capture new revenue from their old episodes.

“AdRip will significantly increase the value that creators are worldly-wise to realize from their work,” said Stuart Last, CEO Audioboom. “They can goody from the proven performance of live read advertising, while ensuring they protract to generate revenue from their work in the future through the streamlined updating of that advertising.”

AdRip launched in July of 2021 for creators in Audioboom’s premium network.

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