Blubrry Podcasting Releases Easy Onboard for Podcasters

As part of an upcoming series of UI/UX updates, Blubrry has released new onboarding to simplify the process for starting a new show, and/or for an existing podcaster to initiate or migrate a show.

The significantly improved process for getting a show started on the Blubrry platform enables plane the most inexperienced podcasters to have their new worth set up and ready to start their podcast within minutes.

The new onboarding process serves Blubrry’s unshortened user base, whether the podcaster needs a simple podcast page or is looking for a increasingly robust platform in using WordPress with PowerPress, Blubrry’s podcasting plugin for WordPress.

While podcasters can still segregate to use a self-ruling Blubrry WordPress website, they can moreover opt to have a landing page for their show within the Blubrry podcasting platform. Podcasters that once have their own WordPress website are guided in setting up their hosting account.

“We were focused on helping podcasters get to their first episode, so we needed to make it easier for them to get started in the first place,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “Our tools have unchangingly made it simple to publish episodes, and now we’ve streamlined the process for any user to get started.”

Over the past two years, the Blubrry team has worked to redesign the forward-facing website, diamond a new onboarding system, and will be rolling out a trademark new dashboard and a host of other features that will transform the Blubrry wits for new and existing customers.

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