Chime’s Chris Britt and Menlo Ventures’ Shawn Carolan to talk fintech on TechCrunch Live

In a world where fintech is so hot right now, and investors are stuff swept up by their excitement for the space, Chime has managed to ride the wave to near perfection. The visitor has raised upwards of $2.6 billion, including a fresh $750 million just this year.

The startup, playing in the fee-free financial space, now has a valuation of $25 billion. Sources told The Wall Street Journal that an IPO is on the horizon for the startup.

So, we’re increasingly than thrilled to signify that Chime founder and CEO Chris Britt will be joining us on an upcoming episode of TechCrunch Live (formerly Extra Crunch Live). Britt will be joined by Shawn Carolan of Menlo Ventures, who led the company’s Series C funding round when in 2018.

TechCrunch Live is a free, weekly event that lets folks in the regulars connect with founders and the investors who finance them to learn how to build largest venture-backed businesses. We talk well-nigh what drew the investors to the company, how the founder chose to partner with those particular investors and how they work together, and scale the business, moving forward.

In the latter half of each episode, founders in the regulars are encouraged to jump on our virtual stage and pitch their products, receiving live feedback from our esteemed duos.

TechCrunch Live is self-ruling for anyone who would like to shepherd live, but only TechCrunch members have wangle to the full library of TechCrunch Live content on demand.

This episode of TCL goes lanugo on October 13 at noon PT/3pm ET. See you there!

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