Get your pitch-off on with our Disrupt Startup Alley companies on upcoming episodes of Extra Crunch Live

Disrupt is right virtually the corner, and this year the show is packed to the skirt with incredible panels and conversations, an veritably stacked Startup Battlefield cohort of companies launching on our stage, investor insights and a virtual expo hall full of heady new products and services in the Startup Alley.

We can’t wait! Literally. So we’re giving you guys a sneak peek at some of the startups you might see at Disrupt in upcoming episodes of Extra Crunch Live.

Usually, the Extra Crunch Live hairdo sits lanugo with founders and the investors who finance them to learn how they decided to partner with one flipside and, ultimately, how startups can get to “yes” when fundraising. In the latter half of the episode, those same guests requite live feedback to folks in the regulars who come on our virtual stage and pitch their products.

Truth be told, everyone loves a good pitch-off. So in these upcoming Startup Alley Edition episodes of Extra Crunch Live, we’re turning the unshortened episode into a pitch-off. SUA companies will come on stage, one at a time, and have exactly 60 seconds to get us excited well-nigh their startup. But it wouldn’t be a true pitch-off without some expert feedback.

I’m excited to signify the investors joining us on these episodes to share their insights and wisdom with both the startups and the audience.

On September 1, we’ll be joined by Neil Sequeira, founder at, as well as Stacey Bishop, partner at Scale Venture Partners.

Image Credits: Elena Zhukova / Scale Venture Partners

Sequeira was managing director at General Catalyst surpassing venturing out to start Defy. Surpassing GC, he was at TimeWarner Investments and was a founding member of AOLTW Ventures. Defy has a portfolio that includes Airspace, HonorLock, Novi and more. Sequeira has served on increasingly than 40 visitor boards, so it should go without saying that he’ll have plenty of insightful feedback for our founders.

Bishop brings increasingly than 20 years of investment wits to our little pitch-off. She currently serves on the boards of Abstract, Airspace, Demandbase, Extole, Lever and more. Bishop has moreover served on several boards where the visitor has seen a successful exit, including HubSpot, Bizible and Vitrue. Bishop specializes in merchantry applications and will have lots to share with our pitch-off startups.  Register here for Extra Crunch Live with and Scale Venture Partners.

On September 8, we’ll be joined by Next47 CEO and Managing Partner Lak Ananth and Moxxie Ventures founder and General Partner Katie Stanton.

Image Credits: Next47 / Amanda Aude

Ananth serves as founding CEO at Next47, which is backed by Siemens AG. He’s sat on several boards where he has helped the companies grow vastitude $1 billion valuations. Ananth specializes in emerging areas of deep tech, including AI/ML, vertical SaaS, robotics, mobility, etc. Some of Ananth’s current investments include Verkada, rideOS and Markforged.

Katie Stanton has been an executive and an operator for much of her career, holding roles at Twitter, Google, Yahoo and Color wideness a wide variety of departments, including marketing, comms, recruiting, product and media. Stanton moreover served in the Obama White House and State Department without getting her career started as a wholesaler at JP Morgan. She currently sits on the workbench of Vivendi and has invested in dozens of early-stage companies, including Airtable, Cameo, Carta, Coinbase, Literati, Modern Fertility, Shape Security and Threads. Register here for Extra Crunch Live with Next47 and Moxxie Ventures. 

You don’t want to miss these episodes of Extra Crunch Live. Register (for free) to come hang out with us!

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