idobi Signs Exclusive Agreement with AdsWizz for Monetization

AdsWizz, a global leader in digital audio and podcast technology solutions, and idobi Network, the internet’s #1 volitional music network, announced the expansion of their current agreement, making AdsWizz the sectional global monetization provider for advertisers seeking to reach idobi’s highly engaged regulars wideness key markets, including the US and Europe.

Building on a successful existing relationship, this expanded try-on designates AdsWizz was the sole monetization provider for all of idobi’s inventory. Buyers can wangle idobi’s inventory through the AdsWizz Marketplace, a global mart enabling publishers and advertisers to hands transact audio razzmatazz programmatically.

Through the AdsWizz Marketplace, advertisers will proceeds wangle to idobi’s distinctive global regulars of trend-makers in the 13–34 demographic, evenly split between genders. idobi is an all-access-pass to the volitional music world, including three fan-favorite streaming stations focused on alt-rock, heavy, and indie genres. Enhancing the music with content that resonates, the idobi studio produces over 20 podcast-shows secure to the volitional music & entertainment lifestyle and the polity who inspires it.

“Since 1999 idobi has cultivated an international polity within the volitional music world. In that time the network has wilt increasingly than music: idobi is now a lifestyle. Building on a unceasingly salubrious relationship with the AdsWizz team, who continues to revolutionize the audio razzmatazz technology space, we squint forward to expanded opportunities and growth via this new era in our relationship,” said Eddie Barella, COO & Program Director, idobi.

“This expanded try-on will enable us to help increase the monetization of idobi’s valuable inventory to the fullest extent and to do that for them globally. We are excited to protract working with them wideness countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Brazil,” said Anne Frisbie, SVP Global Supply & Partnerships, AdsWizz.

The relationship between idobi and AdsWizz remoter strengthens AdsWizz’s position as the go-to ad-tech provider for podcast and digital audio publishers wideness the US and Europe. AdsWizz’s wide-stretching technology and services enable publishers to efficiently monetize all their audio content — whether publishers sell their inventory themselves or outsource such sales — and make it hands wieldy to brands and agencies.

Globally, the AdsWizz Marketplace offers over 9 billion misogynist impressions and connects with over 80 million uniques each month. Adding idobi content to the AdsWizz Marketplace will enrich and expand the marketplace’s current offering, helping to streamline the overall ad ownership and selling process for both publishers and advertisers. Additionally, audio buyers can reach listeners in increasingly personal ways through rich regulars segment targeting, such as geo, device type, genre, language, weather, demographic, behavioral segments and more.

AdsWizz and its regional sales representatives are proud to represent this highly sought-after volitional music inventory. Advertisers can now leverage idobi’s content to connect with new audiences virtually the world within the AdsWizz Marketplace, including countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Thailand, and Spain.

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