The International Women’s Podcast Awards Seeks Podcast Nominations

The International Women’s Podcast Awards is seeking podcast submissions for its inaugural awards. Nominations are now open. The Awards will take place on September 2021, in Allbright, London, UK.

Here is a unravelment of what The International Women’s Podcast Awards is looking for:

“The joy of podcasting lies in its intimacy. In the undercurrent created between the host, guest and listener. In the moments of incredible sensitivity, humour, or honesty that keeps people engrossed.

“The International Women’s Podcast Awards gloat these intimate moments of podcasting brilliance, and the women who make them happen. You might not be the biggest name in podcasting, or have the largest audience, but if you’ve captured a succulent piece of audio that sums up you, your guest, or your regulars to perfection, we want to know well-nigh it…

“The inaugural awards will recognize the work of those who identify as women or non-binary overdue the mic and overdue the scenes, from podcast hosts and writers, to editors and producers. Eight ribbon categories will gloat sunny moments from podcasting in the previous 12 months, while one uneaten category will recognize outstanding victory in podcasting.”

Nominations are now unshut and will be wonted in eight categories of “Moments”:

  • Moment of Comedy Gold
  • Moment of Raw Emotion
  • Moment of Cliff-hanger Drama
  • Moment of Touching Honesty
  • Moment of Entrepreneurial Inspiration
  • Moment of Badass Business Advice
  • Award for Changing the World One Moment at a Time
  • Moment of Behind-The-Scenes Brilliance

Before entering, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions for entry. Each entry must consist of a single MP3 of a maximum of 10 minutes of audio taken from one podcast episode. You will be asked to personize that you have read the terms and conditions of entry as part of your submission.

Each entry financing £25 which is payable by vellum at the time of submission, and the deadline for entries is Friday 16th July 2021.

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