Your Life Has a Meaning: Here’s How to Find Out What It Is

Knowing the purpose of one’s existence in the world is a lingering thought for everyone. Some people may interpret it as a quest, as they try out new adventures and learn new skills. Meanwhile, others may view it as a mystery that slowly reveals itself as they spend their time on Earth. They say that their complete realization of their purpose would not come in this life but the next.

On the other hand, there is a group of people who may tend to be passive about knowing their purpose, yet they still ponder about it occasionally. There is also a group of people that have little regard for this idea and tend to get buried in their everyday whirlwind of activities.

Knowing your purpose is an advantage

Many factors, such as uniqueness, tendencies, and environment, may affect an individual’s appreciation of their life’s meaning. These aspects also influence the approach an individual takes in searching for the purpose of their lives. Nonetheless, it would be a great advantage to have a purpose-driven life. It allows one to set their goals on a short, medium, and long-term basis. 

Daily tasks can even be set, allowing the person to celebrate small achievements. Like any other good soldier, it would be best to go out in the field knowing your mission. It would provide direction in one’s personal life, and coherence with the people around them, especially their loved ones.

Getting to know your life’s meaning

The meaning and purpose of life cannot be answered or explained in one sentence. This is a continuing lesson that may twist and turn as one grows old. How can an individual realize his life’s purpose? Like any other lesson, an individual may learn it through his own experience, or from the experience of others. He can also use simple guides and systems to navigate him through this life-long journey.

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” – Oprah Winfrey

Experience is the best teacher

It is undeniable that the best professor in life remains to be experienced. Nothing beats immersing yourself in the actual situation where you sense the feeling of triumph or defeat. Decisions that lead to our demise are usually the most unforgettable teachers in life. Tragedies make us look back at what we could have done better to avoid or overcome our setbacks. 

It may also tell us that we are not going where we need to be and that our reason for existence is not being attained. Inversely, success also builds good habits. Usually, we are successful because we are adept at the particular endeavor that we engage in. It can be closely related to happiness and point us to our ultimate purpose. However, we must be on the lookout for misinterpreting happiness as pleasure. 

The problem and painful thing about learning through experience is that we would have to go through the reality of struggle and pain, along with our loved ones. Of course, learning from experience can never be totally deferred as long as we live, but we may consider learning through others’ experiences as well.

Learning through others

It would be more convenient to learn your life’s purpose through the experience of others. This would require time to reflect on others’ knowledge and stories and relate them to your own life. Unknowingly, we have been applying this through formal and informal education. Then again, this may not be as effective as the former method yet can still be powerful.

Angel numbers: what do they mean?

For example: Have you been seeing the numbers 555 frequently? Perhaps in billboards, clocks, or devices? You may have seen this combination in a series. This was not a coincidence as 5-5-5 are angel numbers. These are messages that convey something deeper and are leading you to your purpose in life. 

In general, 555 is a symbol of positive change, and chances are you will be entering a new phase of your life for the better. According to the ancient 555 meaning, it is related to the creation and the wholeness of the human being. Similar to our 5 senses, 5 extremities, and 5 fingers, the number 5 connotes that we are nearing our self-realization.

“Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” – Washington Irving

Guiding light

A lesson from any field can be learned from our own or others’ experiences, but how do we know which lessons tell us our life’s meaning? The topic of life’s purpose may be too enormous for an individual to handle and may require the guidance of a Higher Being or system. Some people have been enlightened by angel numbers. 

These are actual numbers that we sense, seemingly at random, regularly. It is said that these numerical figures are messages from the universe to align us with our ultimate purpose.

This system works on the idea that each creature, entity, and event, has a universal numerical value. It has been used since ancient times and has guided our ancestors even before the first ship set sail. Knowing our universal numerical value as well as our environment’s and being receptive to angel numbers will guide us in unveiling our life’s purpose.

Finding your true purpose in life may be a mesmerizing journey that would take up much of your effort and resources. Whether it be finding your guiding light, figuring out what the universe is telling you, or simply paving your own path, would give you a better grasp of where you need to go, and that your quest is leading you to a positive transformation. 

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