Acast Hires First Content Business Development Director

In an initiative to help increasingly US publishers monetize their expanding global ad inventory, Acast – the global power source of podcasting – has appointed its first Content Business Development Director. The new role has been filled by Michael Leonard, who’ll help premium US media organizations, networks, and creators capitalize on their growing international audiences.

An wringer of Acast’s 100 most-listened-to US podcasts shows that there are massive audiences of international listeners on American content. Between April and June 2021, an stereotype of 22% of all listens to these most popular US podcast came from outside the country. On average, they had listeners in 150 variegated countries or territories, while 7% of total listens came from countries where English isn’t a primary language.

Acast is uniquely suited to monetize publishers’ international listenership due to its unparalleled global sales footprint within the podcast industry. The visitor holds presence in 12 countries with local, in-house teams that sell razzmatazz and sponsorship wideness increasingly than 30,000 podcasts virtually the world. In Q2 2021, the visitor reported net sales growth of 130% compared with the same quarter a year prior.

Having Leonard in this newly created role, focused solely on monetizing international listens, is part of the company’s wider strategy to help increasingly US publishers — including those whose current solutions do not have global capabilities at the scale of Acast’s — expand their businesses by unlocking the enormous razzmatazz opportunity in international audiences.

“One of the most lucrative opportunities for US podcast publishers right now lies in harnessing their popularity with international audiences,” said Veronika Taylor, Managing Director, Americas at Acast. “Many media organizations and networks are leaving valuable global inventory unused — and money on the table. We’re offering US publishers the weightier marketplace to sell their programming wideness the world and maximize their profits.”

Leonard most recently worked at mobile razzmatazz visitor Kargo, where he spent seven years working in publisher partnerships and managed ad supply wideness content from hundreds of publishers. He joined Acast in August and is based in New York.

“With a strong presence in international markets, Acast is the right partner for any publisher looking to expand and monetize their audio footprint globally,” said Leonard. “I squint forward to working with leading publishers and creators in the US, and helping them reach their full potential.”

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