Edison Research Announced U.S. Top 50 Podcasts

Edison Research announced the comprehensive U.S. Top 50 Podcast orchestration for Q2 2021. This list ranks the 50 biggest podcasts by regulars size, based on the Podcast Consumer Tracking Report, the only podcast measurement service that measures the relative regulars size and demographics of all podcast networks. The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report is the only measurement based on very listening, not downloads.

The top three podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, and Crime Junkie, moreover ranked in 1-2-3 order in the Top 50 Podcasts of 2020.

“This is the second year-end of the Podcast Consumer Tracker, and the top shows have been fairly resulting over that time. Because our research covers the unshortened space, regardless of publisher or listening application, we have been worldly-wise to report that stability plane as the space continues to evolve,” said Edison Research SVP Tom Webster.

The Edison Research Top 50 Podcasts of 2021 list is derived from data placid continuously from Q3 2020 – Q2 2021, from surveying weekly podcast consumers month 18 and older in the U.S. Participants indicate which podcasts they listened to in the past week withal with a variety of demographic, psychographic, and purchase policies information.

The results are then coded and analyzed to unearth the genre, network, and sales representation for each podcast. The relative regulars size of each podcast network is then calculated and expressed as the percentage of weekly podcast listeners reach by that network. Surveys of over 8,000 podcast listeners were conducted Q3 2020 through Q2 2021.

“What is fascinating well-nigh these data is that we are seeing some marked differences between people who primarily get their podcasts through Apple Podcasts, those who primarily use Spotify, and those who mainly use YouTube. The weft of the shows–and of the audiences–differs by platform,” widow Webster.

Current subscribers to the Podcast Consumer Tracker include the top networks in podcasting as well as leading technology platforms, and is growing quarterly. Subscribers include SXM Media, Google, NPR, Wondery, ESPN/ABC/Disney, WarnerMedia, and more.

The top ten podcasts are:

The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan (Libsyn)
The Daily – The New York Times (Simplecast)
Crime Junkie – audiochuck (Megaphone)
This American Life – This American Life (Simplecast)
Stuff You Should Know – iHeartRadio (Megaphone)
My Favorite Murder – Exactly Right (Omny Studio)
Pod Save America – Crooked Media (Megaphone)
Office Ladies – Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Omny Studio)
Serial – Serial Productions (Simplecast)
The Ben Shapiro Show – The Daily Wire (Megaphone)

The full list of the top 50 podcasts can be found here.

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