Spotify Launches Greenroom to Compete with Clubhouse

Spotify announced that they have made Greenroom misogynist for the first time in its new form. In March of 2021, Spotify acquired Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room. Spotify’s plan was to evolve and expand Locker Room from a Clubhouse-like app for people to talk well-nigh sports to what has now wilt Greenroom.

Today, we’re making Spotify Greenroom misogynist for the first time in its new form, misogynist on iOS and Android in over 135 markets virtually the world. We’re towers Greenroom with the creators and artists in mind who make Spotify great, optimizing for interactivity and deep connections between participants in live rooms. The app, rolling out today, includes:

  • New app branding (aka Greenroom) and a new overall squint and feel
  • The worthiness for any user to host or participate in live rooms
  • A way to join Greenroom using your using your Spotify log-in info
  • A new onboarding wits that puts users’ interests front and center
  • Recording capabilities so you can compliment your on-demand content with live conversations
  • Chat controls to ensure the weightier possible experience

TechCrunch reported that Spotify could use Greenroom to send out notifications to users if a podcast the user once followed on Spotify went live in a Spotify Greenroom.

According to TechCrunch, Greenroom has has features including Speakers at the top of the screen in rounded profiles, with listeners seeming unelevated as smaller icons. There are mute options and moderation controls. It is moreover possible to bring listeners on stage during the live audio session. Rooms can host up to 1,000 people.

It is easy to see how podcasters on Spotify could use Greenroom as a way to do a live podcast. Greenroom includes recording capabilities, which podcasters could add to their on-demand podcast.

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