Success Isn’t Luck, It’s Based on the Good Habits of Who We Become

I am lucky. I believe in luck. BUT My success did not come from luck.

You see, what we do every day lays the groundwork for our luck in many ways. When we unzip our goals, the deportment we take and habits we create inform elevated versions of ourselves. From that place luck can spring eternal.

Before we talk well-nigh the practical steps to setting ourselves up for success and luck, let’s take a squint at what we’re searching for in the first place. 


Right now, you may be anticipating what you expect to finger when you unzip your goal. Life will be largest when you get there. You can once see yourself basking in the sunlight of your personal achievement. 

I want to requite you an insider’s secret. You don’t have to get to the finish line to start feeling the way you expect to finger when you reach the goal. We set goals, yes, considering we have things we want to unzip in our lifetime but we really set them considering we are going without the feeling we expect to have when we unzip those goals. 

Simply put, our thoughts are what momentum our feelings and emotions and you are in tenancy of your thoughts. Yes, you are in tenancy of your feelings, right now, at this moment.

Your first whoopee step is to get well-spoken on the feelings that your end goal will bring, then start to bring those feelings into your here and now. 

For example, do you think hitting a unrepealable revenue goal will make you finger well-healed and less concerned well-nigh paying your bills? Do you want to make increasingly income so you can be increasingly generous? How can you start to practice those feelings of generosity and zillions today? What do you need to think to wilt increasingly generous? When you are well-healed what thoughts are you thinking as you fall unconsciousness at night? 

When you start thinking the thoughts that make you finger the emotions of your desires you are really on to something considering you’ve tapped into the energy of flow, and that will get you to your goal so much faster. 


92% of people don’t reach their goals. Why? Considering it’s nonflexible work. Part of that nonflexible work is rhadamanthine a new person. The person who climbs Mt Everest is not the same person who can currently hike a hill. Years ago I did a triathlon — I unchangingly was last as in physical education. I wasn’t an athlete… to finish a triathlon I had to wilt a new version of myself. The version of me who was a triathlete.
Since I had never washed-up a triathlon, nor was I anything tropical to an athlete I had no past wits to pull from. So I had to sit lanugo and get well-spoken on what the version of me who had completed a triathlon looked like and plane increasingly importantly felt like. 

Feelings of accomplishment, fitness, strength, and conviction came to mind. Tapping into what I had to think and do to finger these feelings gave me a roadmap to who I needed to wilt surpassing I overly crossed the finish line. 

You wilt the person who has achieved the goal while you’re in the process of getting to your goal.  

Understanding the feeling you want and visualizing the person you need to wilt sets a waddle solid foundation for the tactical part of reaching your goals. Not having this foundation in place is the difference between goal achievers and goal wishers.

“Luck is when an opportunity comes withal and you’re prepared for it.” – Denzel Washington


To wilt the new version of you, you need to put new habits into place. Here’s why… 

95% of our day is run by our subconscious mind. 95%! This means, for the most mindful person, only 5% of our day is unquestionably run through our prefrontal cortex, the part of our smart-ass where we do thought work. The other 95%? You guessed it, it comes from your habits. 

So when you want to create sustainable transpiration in your life, you set yourself up for success by rewiring that transpiration into your habits.


#1. Get super specific well-nigh what you want to do.  

Habits need clarity and routine. To form a new habit, you need to get detailed on what that habit looks like and how you will execute it. 

Let’s take a squint at the difference:

  • Unclear habit without a routine: “I need to spend time on LinkedIn to help build my business.” 
  • Clear habit with a routine: “On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, right without lunch, I’m going to spend 30 minutes on LinkedIn.” Then you schedule this habit right into your calendar. 

#2. Habits instill when they are comorbid.

Everyone talks well-nigh brushing your teeth and putting your workout gown next to your toothbrush! But how many things can you put next to your toothbrush?! 

To spare your toothbrush think well-nigh other habits you can use to connect your new habit. 

  • Eating lunch 
  • Getting dressed 
  • Taking a shower 
  • Cleaning the house 
  • Cooking dinner 

Remember, you once have so many subconscious day-to-day habits… get creative and think well-nigh where you can leverage the habits you once have in place. 

#3. Habits that require PHYSICAL movement are much easier to embed.

It’s so much easier to set a new habit by doing something versus desperately trying to NOT do something. Consider this, going for a walk is much easier than willing yourself to not snack without dinner.
Your new habit doesn’t have to involve an all out workout, but think well-nigh how you can create new physical cues virtually something. Maybe without dinner you swash water for a cup of tea instead of eating cookies.

#4. Incorporating your senses makes it easier to rewire new habits.

I’m a full squandered chocoholic. I seriously did not think that I could go a day without eating it. When I found myself eating too much of it, I knew I had to bring in the habit reinforcements. I found a cinnamon tea that I love. Smelling and tasting this tea has replaced my need for chocolate every day. A miracle, indeed. 

#5. Lower the windbreak of entry for your new habit. 

Simply put, set yourself up for success. Want to cut lanugo the value of time you spend on social media? Delete the app from your phone. This will moreover kick up your sensation factor.
When you are enlightened of what you are or aren’t doing, you are using the 5% of your smart-ass that can make a thoughtful visualization versus relying on the 95% of your smart-ass that makes decisions based on your subconscious.


Knowing that you have the worthiness to create your own success and yes luck is life changing. However, let’s not underestimate all of your nonflexible work. Be sure to gloat your success and luck. 

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