Captivate Releases Host-Integrated Guest Booking, an self-sustaining IAB Tech Lab certified podcast hosting, analytics, and monetization platform, has released a fully integrated guest booking and interview management system for self-sustaining podcasters.

The system allows self-sustaining audio creators to typesetting and manage their guest interviews from one inside location that is unfluctuating to their podcast hosting. In wing to permitting guests to proactively typesetting shows, hosts can automatically capture all of the relevant guest data for use wideness their podcast’s workflow, including in the measurement of download uplift based on specific guests and in the automation of episode show notes.

Regarding the update, Rivet CEO Mark Asquith said, “Since I started podcasting in 2011, I’ve been using calendar-booking links for my guests that were provided by third-parties. That works, but it’s not as constructive as it should be for the serious modern podcaster; there is no simple link to the other pieces of my workflow which ways that I can’t, for example, pass my guest’s bio and social links automatically to my episode show notes, nor could I hands overlay the results of any given guest’s regulars onto my own download numbers.”

Captivate has made that easy for the rented creator and in wing to saving podcasters huge amounts of time, it moreover reduces the forfeit of podcasting by removing one uneaten paid service from the podcasting stack.”

Alongside the release of these new features, Asquith moreover confirmed that the booking platform integrates from day one with the world-class remote recording platform, SquadCast, by automatically creating SquadCast recording sessions when a guest books an interview slot.

SquadCast CEO, Zachariah Moreno said “We’re really keen at SquadCast on making sure that podcasters have the most constructive & efficient technology misogynist to them so when Mark, Kieran and the Rivet team spoke to us well-nigh stuff the launch partner for the guest booking and interview management platform, it was something that we got excited well-nigh and said ‘yes’ to really quickly.”

The Rivet team is due to integrate this new guest booking and interview management service with the Podcasting 2.0 initiative and Podchaser in its next minor follow-up release.

Launched to gloat International Podcast Day on September 30th, this upgrade follows Captivate’s recent release cross-promotional feed drops and network features, with the new guest booking & interview management features stuff misogynist to all podcast creators for free, unlimited use on any Rivet plan.

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