Jeff Bezos, the founder of needs very little, if any, introduction.  Much has once been written well-nigh this giant of the online retailing world.

Numerous wares exist detailing his history, where he grew up, and how he made his meteoric rise to rhadamanthine one of the wealthiest people in the world.

In doing research on this titan of online trade, we discovered many variegated things that lead to his success.  This post reveals the one thing we found to be most owing to his success.  In wing to this, the post will moreover reveal three powerful ways you can wield this symbol yourself…which will help you make massive headway in your merchantry or life.

Continue reading to discover this key success symbol and to learn some tactics to help you go big like Bezos.

To GO BIG, THINK BIG… Think Like Jeff Bezos

It’s no surprise that the owner of the world’s largest online retailer is one of the richest people in the world.  To reach such levels of success, you have to be a big thinker.  To reach such levels of success you have to think worthier than the trends of the day.

This is exactly what Jeff Bezos has been doing since 1994.  Jeff’s secret sauce, is his worthiness to THINK BIG.

Before Jeff Bezos started, he worked for an investment firm.  Jeff was making 6 figures at the time, an income most would be happy to have.  However, Jeff saw the potential that existed on the internet when he noticed how web usage at the time was growing by 2,300%.

If Jeff wasn’t thinking big, he never would have saw the possibilities that existed for him and the online marketplace.  Plane worse, if Jeff wasn’t thinking big, he may have never taken whoopee to tap the potential of starting an online retail store.

Fortunately for us he did, otherwise, Amazon would not be around, and holiday shopping would be way increasingly taxing than it once is.

Thinking Big is ingrained into everything Jeff Bezos does.  When first started off it was just an online typesetting retailer, but Jeff saw the potential for growth, and expanded his online offering to increasingly than just books.

Needless to say, the visitor now sells just well-nigh everything under the sun, and is the largest online retailer in the world.

“What’s dangerous, is not to evolve.” – Jeff Bezos

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How to Think Like Jeff Bezos

Similarly, Jeff’s big thinking has got him owning one of the oldest news publications in America, ‘The Washington Post’, and running ‘Blue Origin’, the aerospace visitor pursuing services that will indulge people to wangle space through their commercial spaceflight services.  Talk well-nigh out of this world BIG thinking.

To help you go big like Bezos, here are 3 simple strategies to get you started on thinking bigger.

1. Measure Your True Size

The first strategy to pump up your thinking levels, is to measure your true size.  To do this, all you need to do is simply make a list of your top four or five key resources or personal qualities you deem as strengths.

If you need help acquiring your list, find a person who is honest, knows you well, and can be objective in helping you determine what your top four or five strengths are.

Under each strength you came up with for yourself, list the names of two or three people you know who have achieved a upper level of success, but who do not possess the strength/assets you have at the same level as you do.

In most cases, you will find that you have strengths and key resources that are well whilom some of the most successful people. The end result of this strategy is discovering that you are much worthier than you think yourself to be.  And people who think they are big, think bigger.

2. Shift Your Vocabulary

Another powerful strategy to strengthen your mind muscles and gravity yourself to think worthier like Jeff Bezos, is to shift your vocabulary.

Many people don’t realize the power that words have on how they think.  In wing to this, many people aren’t plane enlightened that the words they use reflect the limitations of their thinking.

A person who unchangingly uses defeatist phrases like, “I doubt it..…”, or “yeah, but……”, “I just don’t have time for this…”, “I could never….”,  or “There’s no way I could do that….”, are capping their possibilities.

People who use these types of phrases showcase their lack of weighing from the get go.  People who use these phrases often, have created a habit of limited thinking.

On the other hand, people who use phrases such as “It will work…”, “Why not?”, “Sky’s the limit….”, ”What if….”, “Imagine if….”, showcase their bias for possibility thinking.    The same can be said for people who say things in a cheerful way.

If you overly get the endangerment to pay tropical sustentation to what upper achievers say while conversing with others, you would notice that they do not use words or phrases that lend themselves to limitation.   Nor do they use negative words that create a feeling of defeat.

Therefore, if you want to strengthen your worthiness to think bigger, start by making a conscious visualization to shift your limiting vocabulary into a increasingly positive and unlimited one.

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 3. Stretch Your Mind

One of the most powerful strategies to help you think like Jeff Bezos is to unquestionably practice stretching your mind.   Just like the soul needs a good warm up surpassing a strenuous exercise, so too does the mind goody from a good mental warm up.

Here are two spanking-new ways to stretch the mind.

Exercise 1:

The first way, is to try and see things not as they are, but as they can be.  To do this, you simply need to visualize.

For example, if you want to live in a worthier increasingly expensive house in a highly desirable neighborhood.  Gravity yourself to see or visualize in your mind, you living in that home or neighborhood that you most want to be in.  Then visualize what needs to take place to make such a thing a reality (getting a raise, saving x value of money for lanugo payment etc..).

We’ve practiced this on multiple occasions, and it has worked every time.

Another example, is if you wish to be a CEO of Rockstar Corp someday, visualize yourself stuff one and acquiring all the qualities that stuff such a leader would entail.  Then use whoopee to underpass the gap between that future you and where you are now.

Or, you can just go big like Bezos, and imagine yourself rhadamanthine the CEO of the world’s largest online retailing company.  Why not? Competition is good!

Exercise 2: 

Another unconfined method for stretching your mind is to unquestionably practicing coming up with ideas.  When you gravity yourself to think up all kinds of crazy ideas for how you can solve a problem, or for how to succeed at something, you will grow your mind’s topics for making it happen.

This is a powerful method that we just started using ourselves which we borrowed from James Altucher, and it works!  James suggests we write lanugo at least 10 ideas each morning in a periodical or notebook.  He recommends doing this as a habit as it will help to develop conviction and creativity on demand.  The key is consistency, considering practice is important.

“Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches or pounds or higher degrees, or family background, people are measured by the size of their thinking.” – David J. Schwartz P.h.D

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Bonus Way to Think Like Bezos

Okay, here’s one last method to help you uncork thinking worthier like good ole Jeff Bezos, and that is, to study the success stories of people who have achieved massive success.

It sounds simple, but it is a very constructive way to uncork thinking bigger. And if you truly want to think like Jeff Bezos, it will do you good to study him and his upbringing in depth.

By learning increasingly well-nigh how other upper achievers grew their wealth or workaday their dreams, you’ll grow your worthiness to see what’s possible for you.

Final Thoughts

One of the weightier things that you can start doing in your life right now to modernize it, is to start thinking bigger like Jeff Bezos.  If you’re not looking up, dreaming big, and seeking a grander mode of being, then the chances of achieving a worthier and largest life are slim to none.

All success and victory starts with thinking, and all BIG achievements start with expanding your mind to consider all that is possible for you.  The three strategies mentioned whilom are good starting point to help you uncork the practice of thinking big.

If you liked these exercises, but want something increasingly to help you power shift into some real deal big thinking, then you’ll love this resource to help you supersize your thinking….

The Magic of Thinking Big

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With that said, be sure to THINK BIG till you reach your aims, but most importantly….


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