Speed Up Your Success by Mastering Two Dimensions of Clarity

When we use a GPS in unfamiliar territory, we don’t get lost easily. Instead, we victorious at our destination much quicker. Our life is no different. When we are well-spoken well-nigh what we want, we get there faster. However, often, we underestimate the power of clarity. We are living in a world of noise, competition, and information overload. Surrounded that, we all tend to get distracted easily. We quickly lose our direction in life. In those times, we make choices surrounded the lack of sound clarity, ending up in an unwanted place. It takes several years to get when to the point where we originally wanted to go. In this process, we waste much time trying to rectify our course. We get slowed lanugo in life as we take longer than expected to reach our goals.


I graduated as an electronics engineer at the onset of the technology boom. Google had just been incorporated. Stuff an electronics engineer in those days was considered as a sure-win ticket to either go upalong or get a decent job at a multinational or public services company.

I came from a low-income family where we could not sire to buy plane the books for the school. My father worked nonflexible day and night, hoping I would get a good job someday. Under those circumstances, I direly needed a job and should have knocked on every door for a job.

We had the privilege of some good companies coming to the institution for campus interviews. To many people’s surprise, I did not towards in any campus job interview. Those days, many sunny students would towards in nationwide examinations for potential jobs at some influential, well-established public companies. I did not segregate that path either. Several of my classmates opted to towards in some exams to take ticket into top-tier US universities. Again, I did not opt for that route either.

While people were packing their tons to fly out to their newly found careers or routes, I packed my tiny walkabout and headed to join a small, underdeveloped training institute for a $50/ month job. Why would I make such an unorthodox, irrational, or ‘career suicide’ decision? Did I lack clarity? Was I confused?

Have you made such an insanely looking decision? If yes, you would know that in those moments, you knew someone forces inside you subconsciously or consciously telling you that it was the right path to go for. You take such indigestible decisions considering your inner clarity supersedes everything that might squint important at the surface. That clarity makes you unflinching unbearable to handle the harshest slipperiness from people virtually it.

“Lack of clarity is the primary reason for failure in merchantry and personal life.” – Brian Tracy


My insanely looking visualization originated when in my childhood.

I was unauthentic by polio when I was six months old. I lost my worthiness to walk surpassing I could reach the age of walking. The only way I could walk was by wearing calipers which weighed virtually 20 kg. I was popularly known as a one-legged guy. The increasingly I was bullied or made fun of, the increasingly I felt worthless and helpless.

I wanted to be known for something increasingly than my disability. I wanted to be somebody else so badly. I needed something that could differentiate me from the crowd. When I thought well-nigh it, I realized the only way to make my mark in this world was by gaining “more” differentiating capabilities than others.

In 8th grade school, I happened to read a biography of Isaac Newton. He was a sunny scientist. Most of us remember him for discovering Newton’s three laws of physics. Do you know that he was disabled too? He suffered from stuttering, epilepsy, and autism. Still, he discovered the most foundational laws of physics. Then I read well-nigh Thomas Edison – he was deaf. Albert Einstein moreover had learning disabilities. The famous Leonardo da Vinci is said to have dyslexia.

That struck me deeply. I thought if Newton and all these guys can, why can’t I? One day in school, I remember once, my teacher asked me, “What do you want to be?” “I want to be a scientist,” I replied. Every single person in the matriculation gave me an ‘eye rolling’ reaction with an unshut jaw. Surpassing this, I was a subject of stuff made fun of as a one-legged guy. Those eye-rolling reactions of my classmates told me this was it. Sometimes clarity strikes you like in a way that in a single moment, the whole path of your personal and professional life becomes well-spoken to you.


That clarity put me on a path which I had to unzip anyhow. Despite my condition and rejections by several colleges, at 21, I graduated as an electronics engineer.

I had a map in my throne that guided me to what I wanted, why I wanted it, how I wanted it, when I wanted it, and where I wanted it. Without graduating as an engineer, instead of choosing obvious, traditional paths that promised a glorious future, I worked with a $50 per month job. A year later, I became a scientist at 22 for one of India’s premier research labs.

I used that clarity as fuel to propel myself forward at a much higher speed than my peers.


Have you overly experienced in life when you thought you were not moving forward fast enough? As it turns out, the lack of clarity is the single most thing that slows lanugo the progress of many people in their personal and professional lives. In those word-for-word moments, most people seek motivation or inspiration. Irrespective of the trigger, the effect of motivation or inspiration is usually short-lived.

I observed that to stay on track in life, you need sustainable, never-ending inspiration. When you have clarity, you get a throne start, which is nonflexible to beat. Thus, instead of motivation or inspiration, you need to focus on gaining two-dimensional clarity. The first dimension is well-nigh “Why,” which is your emotional momentum for doing something you want to do.

The second dimension is well-nigh “What for,” which is your momentum that moves you towards a purpose that you hope to achieve. You need to master both dimensions. More often, people focus on clarifying the dimension of their “why” motives or the dimension of their goals. But to speed up your progress in life, you need to establish utmost clarity on both dimensions.

Once I had this two-dimensional clarity, I moved forward with all my weapons while others were rented figuring out the weightier ways to do so. Despite my permanent disability, all my subsequent career achievements that included earning 2 doctorates, receiving over 100 international credentials, traveling virtually the world, and writing 20 books – all were grounded in the clarity that I had sought in my early years.


To get your life when on track, you don’t need to be the weightier in the matriculation or insanely mad without your goals. If you want to be a star performer in a short time, do not put your foot on the pedal surpassing you have the map in your hand. Your map is your clarity.

Once you have clarity, you have the sustainable fuel that will propel you forward. You will get unmatchable speed in your personal and professional life. You will produce wondrous results in a shorter time.

Search for that clarity first considering it is the new superpower in the chaotic, noisy, and troublemaking world surrounding us.